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    Looking for a sweet treat that is easy and doesn't take long to make? Try out our recipe for cinnamon sugar popcorn, it makes for a nice delicious changed from regular popcorn. Enjoy!

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  • Recipe of the Week

    Try out our recipe for pan roasted brussels sprouts with bacon for a delicious Thanksgiving side dish! Even brussels sprouts haters will love them because lets be honest, bacon makes everything better.

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  • Recipe of the Week

    Need a quick delicious appetizer that won't break your budget? Our recipe for toasted ravioli is honestly amazing. Try it out for yourself at your next party or family gathering, it won't disappoint.

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Quick & Easy Prep-Ahead Work Week Lunches

Time is always escaping us, especially during the work week. Most of us barely have time to grab a cup of joe and pass out breakfast bars to the family before running out the door every morning, let alone make a healthy and filling lunch. So when lunchtime comes, everyday it seems to be the same debacle: head out to a restaurant and spend money you could be saving or bring a hastily thrown-together lunch from home?

Here is the trick to weekday morning success: Dedicate some time the night before to making a grab-and-go lunch that you will look forward to eating come noon on Monday. Finding 20 minutes while you watch your favorite show or listen to music to prepare a savory next day work meal is a time and money saver. Magic Chef put together some simple recipes to help your prepping process:


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