The MCA Story

Who We Are

World-Class Business

For more than two decades, MCA Corporation has been a leader in the housewares industry for its valued retail partners. MCA offers strong brands that provide trust, value and performance without compromise. A global team of talented employees develop products, build brands, manage nationwide logistics and warehouses and provide top-notch customer service to ensure absolute satisfaction.

Trusted Expertise

Cornerstone to our family of brands is attention to detail and superb quality combined with exceptional value. National account management and a dedicated sales support team oversee every aspect of each transaction to ensure goods arrive at your predetermined destination on time and in good condition. Our U.S.-based, bilingual customer service department personally handles every inquiry, while quality-control engineers in Asia oversee every detail to ensure the utmost in product performance. Our warranty is one of the best in the industry, backed by our extensive parts program and national service network that provides in-and-out-of-warranty repairs.

National Brands

MCA Corporation manufactures and markets world class brands, including the 85-year-old brand, Magic Chef®. All brands are marketed and distributed nationwide. In addition, MCA Corporation offers private label sourcing and packaging programs in a variety of product categories, giving retailers the best of both worlds.

What We Stand For

Honesty and Integrity

Honesty and integrity set the standard for everything at MCA. MCA and its employees speak and act with the utmost moral, ethical and legal guidelines in mind not only in our professional business world, but in our personal transactions.

  • Speaking the truth
  • Pride in your work and the work of others; Giving credit where credit is due

Focus on Improvement

MCA remains focused on what can be rather than what is. Continuous improvement of products, processes and people is essential to our daily operations.

  • Aspiring to be better, produce better products, be better partners to our customers
  • Focused on being better in our positions, what we deliver and how we deliver by taking responsibility and appropriate risks
  • Improve our interactions with others on a daily basis

Respect and Growth in People and Teams

MCA is committed to motivating and developing individual people and teams.

  • Quarterly feedback on performance and recognition of performance and valued behaviors
  • Exposure to new projects/tasks to teach and develop new areas of skill sets
  • Mentoring, coaching and training throughout levels to help reach mutually desired goals

Connecting With Our Customers

Judging ourselves as our customer judges us is a standard for MCA. Without customers, nothing else matters.

  • Understanding each customer to deliver on set expectations for service, value, quality, etc.
  • Creative thinking in solving customer problems and providing out-of-the box solutions
  • Always thinking in terms of what is best for the consumer


Inside MCA


Effective clear communication is imperative to our day-to-day operations at MCA. Leadership and managers adhere to an open-door policy to help facilitate open communication on all levels. MCA communicates with employees in a timely manner on company updates and news using an internal system.

Collaboration and Teamwork

We work closely as cross-functional teams to deliver the best in all that we do. Managers actively seek to break down barriers, open communication, improve efficiency and help everyone succeed.

Passion for Growth

Steve Jobs once said, "The only way to do great work is to love what you do." MCA agrees and actively seeks passion for growth in order to achieve growth with its employees and business. Work is your home away from home and at MCA we want our employees to be "So Right At Home."