DIY Dorm Kitchen

Back to school… I know, we don’t like thinking about it either! But like it or not, its here. For all college students back in the dorms, it’s time to step up your cooking game. Easy Mac four times a week gets old, quick.

Even though space is minimal, a happy cooking space leads to happy meals and a more productive you. Once you get organized, there’s no stopping you from turning even the simplest snacks into Pinterest-enviable dishes. Here are some tips to converting that corner of your room (where you sometimes pile dirty laundry, no judgement) into a DIY dorm kitchen:

1.)    Utilize bookshelves and basket inserts to organize your food items:

                You don’t want to be digging through a sea of pens, random cables, and socks to find a granola bar when you are running out the door for class. Using a section of your bookshelf to categorize foodstuffs will create a small, manageable pantry. Try labeling the baskets with helpful categories like “breakfast food” or “healthy snacks.”

2.)    Situate compact microwaves and other small appliances together to create a designated cooking area:

This will help distinguish the ‘kitchen’ from the living area. Always check with dormitory standards make sure the wattage of your microwave is usable in your space. Same goes for any additional appliances allowed like coffee makers, small blenders, etc. as every college or university has different regulations.

3.)    Purchase a small caddy or wire shelving unit to store utensils and unused gadgets:

Out of sight, out of mind. With such limited space, you want to make sure your dishes and silverware are not stored in a space that serves another purpose or is constantly in view. By stacking up or using drawers below, these items will be accessible when you need them but completely out of the way when you’re trying to study, hang with friends or, let’s be honest, nap.

4.)    Use dry erase markers on a mini-fridge to write down lists and recipes: 

Who says you can’t use your fridge as a note pad?! This simple idea gives the refrigerator a dual-purpose and will help provide inspiration to you and your roommate when it comes to using your kitchen space more creatively.  

5.)    Keep your cleaning supplies on-hand for spills and kitchen mishaps:

So, you tried to microwave an egg and it kind of exploded everywhere. No problem, unless you can’t remember where mom and dad tucked away that all-purpose cleaner on move in day. Use a shower caddy to keep your cleaning supplies all in one place and easily accessible. This will help you keep your mini kitchen clean and usable.