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I owned a Magic Chef for almost 20yrs & when I wanted a new one, I couldn't find any. Thanks to Amazon, I got exactly what I wanted in a hurry. I can't believe how far they've come in 20 yrs. It only took me 2 days to learn all the functions & I couldn't be more pleased. It does everything except turn itself on. I would recommend it to anyone & everyone.

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One of the best service experiences I have had in years. Own a portable ice maker fairly new which had quit working so I called customer support and was sent to an appliance repair near me. In less then 1 week it was determined it was not fixable. Got a call from within the US from a rep speaking plain English who told me a replacement ice maker is on the way. GO Magic Chef!!!! for keeping it in the US and for providing such prompt hassle free service. You got my business & future recommends to all


I have had it for a month and it runs smoothly, cools evenly, and is fairly quiet. It weighs less than I expected it to, so, it's easy to move around if needed. I would definitely recommend this item.


I HIGHLY RECCOMEND this microwave to anyone who is still looking for one which performs as you would expect. I was really impressed with how well and easy operating the Defrost option. All the one's in the past you had to enter so much extra info in on what you were wanting to defrost. Never could get the hang of it. The defrost setting on this oven is so easy and actually take's less time to get the job done.


This unit is by far the best value I found in a significant amount of research before buying this unit for new home.


We bought this machine for a vacation home where we have limited space. I expected to sacrifice some features of a full-sized machine, but this one has all the features I ever use in my larger machine, plus some. It is quiet, holds a large enough load, cleans well, and spins dryer than any machine I have used


This ice maker is really great! In the long run it is going to pay for itself. We were buying a bag of ice every week. We have well water and ice just didn't taste the same. So that is why we bought ice instead of making our own. We were spending around $3.80 a week for ice. So like I said the ice maker is paying for itself. It makes 3 different sizes of ice which is excellent. If you want crushed ice just make small cubes, put in blender and you have slushy drinks instantly, very simple. Large cubes for coolers, and they don't melt fast either. Lasts all day and through the evening. We really enjoy it. When it runs it is very quite. You won't be disappointed! Good Luck