6 Tips for Planning a Stress-Free Holiday Party

The holidays are a fun, yet stressful time-- add in a party to plan, and it can be overwhelming. From prep to clean-up, the host must never lose their cool. These party planning tips will simplify your life and allow you to focus on enjoying the party.

1. Plan Ahead and Save Time. Create a detailed list of to-do’s and tasks to complete four weeks ahead of the party so you stay organized.

2. Set an Early Deadline. Aim to have your cleaning, baking and everything else done a day or two in advance so you are well-rested and relaxed so you can enjoy yourself when guests arrive.

3. Keep Your Guests’ Drinks Icy Cold. You know that feeling of terror when you realize you’re out of ice and the party isn’t even an hour in? Portable Ice Makers are a simple and easy way to keep your ice supply topped up all night, without having to dash out to the store (and no need to fret over how many bags of ice you can fit in your freezer!)

4. Simplify Your Food Prep. Include menu items that can be made in advance to free up your time the day of the party.

5. Make Room for Your Guests. Empty your front hall closet allowing plenty of room for guests to hang their coats and jackets.

6. Keep Your Party Cool. Beverage Coolers are a convenient way to keep a variety of beverages chilled for your guests and free up much needed room in your refrigerator for dips and hors d'oeuvres. Display in the bar area so your guests can access the beverage of their choice

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