Celebrate Sweetest Day with a Date Night at Home

February 14th may be far away on the calendar, but another holiday to celebrate with your sweetie is coming up. Every third Saturday in October is Sweetest Day, a day to share something sweet with someone special in your life. The holiday originated in Cleveland in the 1920s as a confectionary company promotion to sell more candy. But hey, a day dedicated to eating chocolate with a loved one? Sign us up!

While we love these romantic celebrations, between a card, present, and restaurant dinner, your budget may start to suffer. Here at Magic Chef we’ve come up with some at-home date night ideas to celebrate the holiday without hurting your bank account. What better way to do Sweetest Day than with the simple pleasure of spending time together at home?

 ‘Chopped Challenge’ in your own kitchen

Make mystery food item baskets for one another and time cooking for each course. Taste test and see who made the best meal with their ingredients. Or, just sample everything and call it a tie.

Home Cinema

Pick a new Netflix movie and make it a theater experience. Pop some popcorn, choose your favorite candy, lower the lights and enjoy!

Wine/beer tasting

Head to the grocery store and buy different craft beers and local wine. Pour tasting-size servings of each one for you both to try. Accompany with a cheese tray and you’re set.

Board games & takeout

Order from your favorite takeout spot and pick an awesome board game you both haven’t played since you were young. ‘Trouble’ and chicken lo mein? Yes please!

Indoor Campout

Set up sleeping bags or pitch a tent in your living room. Make s’mores on the stovetop, practice your shadow puppet skills, and tell each other ghost stories. (Or, listen to a spooky podcast.)

Dinner Around the World

Pick 4 countries and assign a room in your house for each one. Then, choose which country you will have appetizers, main course, dessert, and after-dinner drinks in. Prepare these cultural dishes and eat each one in their designated ‘country.’ The kitchen for some pre-dinner Spanish tapas, the bedroom for some French Crème brûlée, can’t go wrong.