Fun Fall Activities

The crisp air, chunky sweaters, cozy fires...these are just a few things that are so great about fall. With this season comes some of the most fun activities. Here are some great ideas of how to enjoy the season. 

Apple Picking

When was the last time you went apple picking? Many of us haven’t gone since we were a child, which means it’s far overdue.  Head on out this weekend to a nearby apple orchard and pick yourself some fresh, crisp, delicious apples. Whether you are single, in a relationship or have children, this activity can be enjoyed by all. Who doesn’t love apples? They can be eaten by themselves, with peanut butter, caramel, cheese….there are so many amazing and delicious possibilities.

Fall Foliage

More often than not we get caught up in our daily lives and forget to go out every now and again and enjoy the simple pleasures nature has to offer. This fall make it a part of your “fall bucket list” to head on out to your local park, forest preserve or botanical garden and enjoy the beauty of fall foliage (assuming you live in a place with 4 seasons). Since Magic Chef is based out of the Chicagoland area some great places to check out the beautiful foliage are Cantigny Park, Chicago Botanic Garden and The Morton Arboretum. Note that the best times to enjoy foliage at its peak can be found here (click).

Host a Chili Cook-Off

This is such a fun and easy activity for you and friends and family can do to embrace the cooler weather. Invite your friends to bring their homemade chili over ready to serve. Have everyone try a spoonful or more of each chili and vote for their favorites. You can have winners and award fun prizes for the best tasting, hottest, most creative etc.  Having a variety of chili makes this all the more fun (different meats, vegetarian, white, spicy or even secret ingredients).


The best treat of fall is the pumpkin spice latte. We have seen pumpkin spice everything in recent years ranging from pumpkin spice floor cleaner to pumpkin spice candy corn. And yes, this has coined the term being a “basic” fall beverage, but none the less it is a fabulous one that will fill you with a true taste of fall.

Pumpkin Carving 

Have your pumpkin and eat it too! There is nothing wrong with getting into the Halloween spirit and carving a pumpkin the traditional way, standard jack-o-lantern face. If you are looking to carve something more interesting check out some of these (click) fun ideas.